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Fraser Smith

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We repair and service microscopes of all makes for Schools, Colleges, Veterinary Surgeons, Industry, Asbestos Analysis companies and for the private hobbyist etc.   Our Company has been in business for over 57 years and is CLEAPSS listed. Our work is of a high standard and comes highly recommended by our customers we have been with us for many years. We will be pleased to supply a free quotation to service and repair your microscopes, please contact us as above.

A short message to all our very many customers and suppliers, to let you know, my Father passed away on  7th September 2016.  I would like to think it is business as usual, and I will be carrying on in his good name. .

As well as servicing, we also sell new or re-conditioned instruments, PLEASE SEE BELOW.   We can supply colour video camera systems and monitors as required at highly competitive prices.

Please browse our recommended web sites below, which include some of our customers who will be happy to send you a reference.                                                                        

We supply Student Plastic Graticules. Two strips of five graticules per pack.

    Horizontal Micrometer 10mm with 0.1mm sub divisions.
    The rings are 16mm, 19mm,
21mm diameter, as cutting guides

   Pack of Graticules as above @ £20.00 per pack


 Student Stage Micrometer as below @ £32.00 each
        A = 1cm into 100 division,      B = 1mm into 100 divisions

  Widefield eyepiece fitted with above graticule @ £34.50 each
        Huygenian eyepiece fitted with above graticule @ £23.50 each
        Huygenian eyepiece fitted with graticule and Student Micrometer @£ 53.60
        Widefield eyepiece fitted with graticule and Student Stage Micrometer @ £64.50                 
All above prices Plus P & P, Plus VAT    


One for the budding microscopist.

The microscope is equipped with one wide field eyepiece 10x with fixed pointer and three objectives 4x, 10x and 40x, and a tungsten light.

The Novex FL100 at the amazing price of £120.00 plus VAT. Carriage free in the UK.
Whilst stocks last!!

We can supply sub-stage illuminators, bulbs for all types of illumination,     
     We now have stock of 240v 20w & 30w as in the picture @ £18.98 each
     Plus P & P, Plus VAT


Recommended for Asbestos Analysis

Novex BBS Phase Binocular Microscope,

One 12.5x eyepiece, one focusing 12.5x eyepiece
fitted with Walton & Beckett type 22 Graticule,
x4, 10x, 40x Phase objectives,
Slider Phase abbe condenser with centering and iris,
Coarse and Fine focusing,
Mechanical stage,
Variable halogen illumination,
Field iris,
Telescope for centering the phase system,
Green filter
Luxury, Foam-lined Case

Optional Extras :-
Rubber Eye cups,
         “approved by McCrone UK for asbestos fibre
           counting analysis”

     We also stock dichroic green filters       
44.7 mm Diameter, 1.1mm thick

     29.8 mm Diameter, 1.1mm thick


           This Microscope is used in many
           Veterinary Surgeries

           Paired x10 Widefield eyepieces,
            x4, x10, x40, x100 oil objectives,
           Abbe condenser with iris,
           Variable Halogen or LED light,

For a brochure, please contact us


            SALE on behalf on Cerberus Training & Consultants
            Novex KB microscope complete with case,
Paired x10 eyepiece, and x16 eyepieces
            x4, x10, x40, x100 Objectives
            Mechanical Stage
            Abbe condenser
            Halogen illumination 6v 20w
            £320.00 PLUS VAT    LAST 5 REMAINING!         


For the full range of all styles of microscope, cameras and all accessories please see our sister company www.metascientific.com